Tickets: Blackdoor Festival 2024 (Limitiert)

Blackdoor Festival 2024
(Limitiert auf 400 3-Tages-Gäste incl. Camping)
27. – 29. Juni 2024, Kellberg bei Passau

Black Rainbows, Nightstalker, The Tazers, Mother Engine, Bikini Beach, Glasgow Coma Scale, Timestone, Hypnotic Floor, Mary Janes Soundgarden, & more tba.

Lineup 2023
The Ocean Collective, Dÿse, The Great Machine, The Necromancers, Weedpecker, Velvet Two Stripes, Mount Hush, Ultima Radio, Swanmay, The Heavy Minds, Cone, Minus Green, Intra, Stonetree, Caged Wolves, Marek

Lineup 2022
Tides From Nebula, Greenleaf, Valle of the Sun, Enigma Experience, Wedge, Savanah, Swan Valley Heights, Cone, Ozymandias, Les Lekin, The Strange Seeds, Scorched Oak, Bazodee

Lineup 2019
Monkey3, DŸSE, Deville, Mother Engine, Steak, Cone, Timestone, Willow Child, Taming the Shrew, Sleeping Tree, White Noise Generator, Godsground

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